Sublimation: re-imagining fine art and high fashion

Dye sublimation is helping re-imagining the world of fine art and high fashion.  In fact the few years last years we have seen a surge in the number of well known galleries displaying dye sublimation art as well as a host of countries displaying dye-sublimated clothing lines.  Artist like Collier Schorr, Mariya Kozhanova, Lissa Rivera ,Marlena Waldthausen and Kimberly Witham have shown their sublimated works in places like the Loyola University Museum of Art, Park West, Guggenheim Museum, New York Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Photomugs - mkozhanovaMariya Kozhanova, Revelation, 2012

23-lissa-rivera-beautiful-boyLisa RiveraBeautiful Boy

Photo-mugs- marlena-waldthausenMarlena Waldthausen, portraets

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-58-22-amKimberly Withal, New Work

Early on during our pioneering efforts in the blank mug industry we noticed that dye sublimation offered a “glow” and “brightness” that isn’t typically achieved through other methods. We new that as more advancements came other industries would take notice. As time moved on and we perfected our sublimation techniques we started testing our textiles and aluminum. What we did’n’t expect was the results. They were amazing! Print after print was shown to us by our designers illustrating vibrant color and clarity that demonstrated impressive photography and graphic design pieces.

Our Example

In the world of fashion, dye sublimation for textile applications is trending in New York and Latin America,  providing another level of creativity and functionality for young fashion entrepreneurs and well-established fashion brands. Fashion designers are bringing their creative visions to fabric in new and versatile ways with advancement of digital technologies. In fact the trend is triggered artists to team up with Epson printers to produce vibrant colored clothing shown on the runways of Manhattan, Los Angeles, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.



We have yet to fully venture down the road of fashion but we plan to at some point even if it is just for fun. In the mean time, the team here at Photo mugs will soon be expressing our artistic talents as a way to inspire others and invite people to share their great art works as well. In the coming weeks we plan to launch “Sublimated”. A place for all artists to find inspiration and share their talents along with us.

At Photo Mugs we’ve recognized this huge growth in the market of dye sublimation art. The advancements in printing technology are allowing designers, artists and photographers to switch their mediums of paper to aluminum and textiles. And the results from these artists show some pretty amazing depth, clarity and dimensional effect artists have been striving for. Along with the creativity the costs to produce dye sublimated designs is becoming more efficient, less costly and creating a pathway for new business to capitalize on it quickly.

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