How To Sublimate A Mug

Printing custom products from sublimation is something that’s been around for decades. Whether you're trying to “Make America Great Again” or print favorite grumpy cats we know that imprinting an image on a product like a photo mugs is a great storyteller but we want you to succeed if you're new to this business.

Sublimation: re-imagining fine art and high fashion

Sublimation: re-imagining fine art and high fashion Dye sublimation is helping re-imagining the world of fine art and high fashion.  In fact the few years last years we have seen a surge in the number of well known galleries displaying dye sublimation art as well as a host of countries displaying [...]

Sublimation Coating: Learn the process of coating mugs that stand out

Sublimation Coating Learn the process of coating mugs that stand out. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping people put their stories on the personal items of their lives From large companies to brick and mortar stores that support the entrepreneurial spirit of creativity, we’ve shipped out millions of mugs and other drink ware [...]

Learn The Basics of Sublimation

The Basics of Sublimation Sublimation printing is an art of decorating hard surfaces, fabrics like textiles and polyester materials with professional looking images or designs. These surfaces can vary from wood to marbles and everything in between.  Whether you’re looking to create innovative style mugs, business cards or self-portrait on a glass surface, [...]

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