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What! Dye-sublimation art on Marijuana devices?

What! Dye-sublimation art on Marijuana devices? Like it or not, the cannabis industry will be the next boom and we’ve been watching the products and promotional industry jump on the train. State-by-state the the laws and the attitudes are changing. As it stands 28 states have marijuana legal in some form. [...]

Top 5 Photo USA Sublimation Products

Top 5 Photo USA Sublimation Products (And Products You Should Know About That We Don’t Carry) As a decorator or distributor, you’ve heard all the stories about how great sublimation is and how it can boost your profit margins. Then you did your research and figured out the type of products [...]


Dye-Sublimation Canvas Art featuring: Marvel A while back we moved into a great new space here in the Silicon Valley. We really got lucky - this place is a huge blank canvas that beckons us to turn our work space into a sublimation playground. Each week we find ourselves scrumming over [...]

The Benefits of Pre-Cut Sublimation Paper

The Benefits of Pre-Cut Sublimation Paper We love using our pre-cut sublimation paper when we are printing on mugs, polyester fabrics and textiles. It makes life so much easier but way back in the beginning here at Photo USA corps our printing method was rather archaic. There we all were printing [...]

Personalized Mugs from Photo USA

Personalized Mugs from Photo USA: Pour Fresh Life Into Your Brand Image For twenty-five years we’ve been helping brand name companies with high-quality image printed personalized mugs, shot glasses, textiles, phone cases and other promotional products. We’re dedicated to ensuring the best quality in color profiling and the highest standard in [...]

How to create high end art using Sublimated tiles

Ceramic tile art is a great way to modernized your living space or office. Which is why we took 120 of these sublimated tiles and printed a giant mural in 8 hours. Get the details of how we did it here.

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