iPad 4 3D Polymer Case
iPad 4 3D Polymer Case
iPad 4 3D Polymer Case

iPad 4 3D Polymer Case


With over 60% of the tablet market, iPad looks to be the leader for a long time. With millions sold, users need protection for their new and beloved iPad 2, 3, or 4. Our Glossy iPad Polymer Cover allows for a full-wrap imprint creating a protective, seamless and decorative statement. Color reproduction on the matte insert is a vibrant glossy.

  • Full-wrap decoration with Vac-U-Press technology
  • Rubber lined case for protection
  • Precision fit
$6.25 $6.15 $6.05 $5.06
24/pcs 144/pcs 264/pcs 384/pcs
1-5 cases 6-10 cases 11-15 cases 16-20 cases

Product Dimensions

9.625″ x 7.375″ x 0.375″ (h x w x d)

Imprint Dimensions

10.125″ x 7.875″

Heat Method

180C / 356F & 270 sec





Case Dimensions

17.5 x 15 x 9.5

Pcs / Case


Case Weight

5.76 lbs.

Per Piece

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Product Specifications

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