iPhone 8 - Film Case - Matte
iPhone 8 - Film Case - Matte
iPhone 8 - Film Case - Matte

iPhone 8 - Film Case - Matte


Photo USA’s super-shock-absorbent iPhone 8 Film Case will surely keep your phone working perfectly even after a tragic, accidental drop as back and outer edges are safely secured. Its soft texture and flexibility can help you take it off quickly if you plan to clean it, and can also help you grip your mobile phone securely. All ports and buttons are accessible due to its concise cutting, you don’t have to take it off just to take a picture or increase its volume. Because of its material, designing your iPhone 8 Film Case through sublimation printing can be done in a jiffy.


  • Ideal for iPhone 8
  • High-Quality Film Case
  • Designed in the USA
  • 360 degree protection
  • Thin and Lightweight
  • Extreme Protection
  • Precisely Measured Cut-Outs
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400/pcs 2400/pcs 4400/pcs 6400/pcs
1-5 cases 6-10 cases 11-15 cases 16-20 cases

Product Dimensions

6.1″ x 3.78″ (h x w)

Imprint Dimensions

Heat Method

180C / 356F & 270 sec





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Product Specifications

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