Sublimation Blanks

Dye sublimation blanks are items specifically designed to be printed on using the dye-sublimation printing method, which is commonly employed in the print-on-demand industry. These blanks are made from materials that can effectively absorb and retain the sublimated ink during the printing process. Common materials include polyester or polyester-coated items, such as fabric, ceramic, metal, and plastic.

In the print-on-demand industry, dye sublimation is often used to create customized products for customers, who can choose from various designs and templates to personalize their items. Examples of dye sublimation blanks include:

  1. Mugs and drinkware: Ceramic or metal mugs with a special polyester coating can be customized using dye-sublimation techniques.
  2. Phone cases: Plastic or metal cases with a polyester-coated surface can be printed with personalized designs.
  3. Mousepads: Polyester fabric or other materials with a polyester coating can be used to create custom mousepads.
  4. License plates: Metal license plates with a polyester coating are suitable for dye-sublimation printing.
  5. Photo panels: Metal or MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) panels with a polyester coating are used for printing photos or artwork.
  6. Home decor items: Items like polyester-based pillows, blankets, and towels can be customized with dye-sublimation printing.

Dye sublimation blanks are popular in the print-on-demand industry due to their ability to produce vivid, high-quality, and long-lasting prints that don't crack, peel, or fade easily. This makes them an attractive option for both businesses and customers looking for personalized products.