Golden Oak Jewelry Box
Golden Oak Jewelry Box

Golden Oak Jewelry Box

Our 4" x 4" Golden Oak finish jewelry box is an ideal size and style for special events such as weddings, baby showers, Easter parties, and motherÍs day gifts. Built with high-quality genuine wood, the jewelry box comes in four popular colors. It features full-color image processing on the photo tile, which is inserted into the top of the jewelry box with your photo, logo, and more. To round out this product, the interior is lined with a soft felt lining for protecting your valuables and keepsakes. Comes in cases of 36 pieces.

  • Wooden construction with golden oak finish
  • Vibrant color reproduction on glossy ceramic tile
  • Felt interior lining
$10.60 $10.50 $10.40 $10.30
36/pcs 216/pcs 396/pcs 576/pcs
1-5 cases 6-10 cases 11-15 cases 16-20 cases

Product Dimensions

2.3″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″

Imprint Dimensions

4.25″ x 4.25″

Heat Method

215C/ 419F & 290 sec


Wood w/Ceramic


Golden Oak

Case Dimensions

20 x 19 x 12.5

Pcs / Case


Case Weight

37 lbs.

Wholsale Blanks Pricing
$18.17 per unit Base

1-5 cases

$17.03 per unit -6.27%

6-10 cases

$15.9 per unit -12.49%

11-15 cases

$14.76 per unit -18.77%

16-20 cases

1 case (Min. Order)(MOQ)

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Product Specifications

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