Sublimation Flip Flops
Sublimation Flip Flops
Sublimation Flip Flops

Sublimation Flip Flops


Yes! You read it right! Sublimation Flip-Flops! Everyone's scratching their collective heads asking themselves, "Why didn't I think of that?". Well, we have them and now you can customize your own flip-flops for promotional gifts, retail products or giveaways. There are many ways to make these a part of a stand-alone product or part of a creative ensemble! For example, social and sporting club in schools are using these as fundraisers. Radio stations are giving these away at music events. The list goes on! These black large flip-flops are equivalent to a Mens size 10 or Womens size 11. Comes individually packaged with thong in cases of 20 pieces.

  • Size fits: Men's 10 and Women's 11
  • Colorful decoration on top face
  • Comes with thong straps
$5.99 $5.50 $5.33 $5.13
20/pcs 120/pcs 220/pcs 320/pcs
1-5 cases 6-10 cases 11-15 cases 16-20 cases

Product Dimensions

0.5″ x 11.0″ x 13.5″

Imprint Dimensions

11.0″ x 13.5″

Heat Method

190C/ 375F & 30 sec





Case Dimensions

20 x 11 x 13

Pcs / Case


Case Weight

23 lbs.

Per Piece

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Product Specifications

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